Hardest working soldier in battalion wins 'More Work' award

FORT BELVOIR, Va. – Staff Sgt. Jim Brown, long regarded as the hardest working member of 302nd Signal Battalion, has been awarded the prestigious and uncoveted "More Work Award" for his history of dedicated service.

“If you want something done, ask the busiest person you know,” said Sgt 1st Class Martin Clark, Brown’s Platoon Sgt., who has nominated Brown for the award many times. “I can’t trust a lot of soldiers to complete their tasks to standard, but I can always trust Brown."

"I myself have given many of my own tasks to him.“

Brown has done so well in his daily work that he has been rewarded with appointments as EO rep, suicide prevention team leader, remedial PT trainer and Hail and Farewell committee chair.

“The Army is a pie-eating contest where the reward is more pie,” said Capt. Meghan Snow, Brown’s commanding officer. “I can’t guarantee him more pay or promotions, but I can have help him reach the satisfaction of completing more work, which I know he’ll do a great job on.”

Brown’s peers agree that his work ethic is impressive.

“If we’re at the bar and the phone rings and someone has to go back to the head shed and take care of something, it’s always Brown,” said Sgt. Justin Lucas. “I’m sure glad that no one thinks I could fix their problems.”

Brown is flattered to be accepting the more work award, once again, but mentioned that he might like an actual award, or maybe some time off as a reward at some point.

“Time off?” said Snow. “Absolutely not. I need him. An award? Sure, have him write up three really good bullets to battalion standard and I’ll push it along.”