Haunted Navy Lodge room still worth the rate

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Sources at the Navy Lodge on North Island have reported multiple sightings of terrifying apparitions and demonic sounds coming from Room 453. However with a beautiful balcony view of the Pacific Ocean and an unbeatable price of $79 per night, the room is still worth it, even considering the risk of possession.

Timmy Templeton, front desk clerk, said it’s a common occurrence for guests to encounter the occasional floating screaming head or bleeding walls. More often, he said, people just try to tough it out because we’re right on the beach and most other hotels in the area are upwards of $220 per night.

“Some people will come in, and maybe complain a little, but after we tell them there’s nothing we can really do about it except clean up the ectoplasm, they just shrug and go about their day,” he said.

“It’s worth it,” said one guest. “I mean, it’s a little jarring to see a wet rotting corpse crawl out of the TV at 3am and the bed suddenly shake while the alarm clock screams ‘HAIL SATAN!’”

“But you can’t beat this view!”

Templeton said during one night, one of the rooms filled with blood and a Coast Guard Captain on temporary orders came to the front desk, clearly upset. But after seeing how close he was to downtown San Diego, access to the PX, and the amazing guest services; the Captain said "Eh, whatever. Least I'm getting paid this time," and rinsed off the blood in the pool.

“I think it might be because we built this place on a Native American burial ground, or that several guests have been brutally murdered by a demonic winged man-bat, but you really can’t beat the savings especially when you’re getting paid by the government,” Timmy said.

“I got possessed by the devil for a few days,” said another guest. “I was floating on the ceiling, screaming Latin, and cockroaches started crawling out of my mouth—shit got real. But whatever, once I came to, the rest of the stay was awesome.”

Blake Cardenas, co-owner of the Navy Lodge, said it’s a known issue but the ratings on Trip Advisor have been four and a half stars and holding strong.

“Some of the rooms are pretty spooky, but once you settle in, enjoy the warm San Diego weather, all the other minuscule issues like the floor opening up a gate to hell, start to fade away,” he said.