Heartbreaking! This Airman missed all five of his kids’ conceptions!

Few people will ever know the hardships and adversity faced by those who raise their right hand and take an oath to serve our country.

With less than 1% of America’s population currently serving in the US Armed Forces, most people don't have skin in the game when it comes to defending the Constitution.

Those brave souls who answer our nation’s call often find themselves having to put duty before themselves and their family, including one Airman — Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Thomasen — who couldn’t be present when any of his five children were conceived!

Wow! What a tremendous sacrifice!

It is truly heart-rending that one of America’s heroes should be forced by circumstances out of his control to miss the genesis of not one, but five of his offspring!

Almost any family man would give anything to be there at the moment a sperm cell couples with one of his wife’s eggs. Unfortunately, Thomasen was deployed or on temporary duty every single time this occurred! And yet he soldiers on, still serving on active duty today.

Aim high, warrior!

Thomasen met his wife when she worked as a waitress at a club outside Keesler Air Force Base four years ago, and it was love at first sight.

Like anyone making his wedding vows after four weeks of courtship, Thomasen swore to stay by his wife’s side until death parted them. Unfortunately, his commitment to the US Air Force meant he had to spend lots of time away from home, including exercises and deployments.

Although he had hoped for otherwise, he knew that military service would come with sacrifices, including being unable to attend his children's conceptions.

This just goes to further demonstrate what the men and women of our military have to go through just so the rest of us can sleep safely at night.

If not for people like Staff Sgt. Thomasen fighting for our freedom – while in the process being absent during the impregnation of his wife nearly a half-dozen times – you probably wouldn't be able to read this article because it'd be written in Pashto!

Not all is lost, however, because Mrs. Thomasen didn’t have to be alone. Sources say their family friend Jody was there for all five occasions.

Hats off to you, good sir! Keep fighting the good fight, and thank you for your service!