Heartwarming! Airman surprises girlfriend by returning early from 8-hour shift

RANDOLPH AFB, Texas — Across America, patriotic hearts beat proudly for our men and women in uniform. And in the age of the internet, everyday citizens can get the warm-and-fuzzies every time they see a video of a military member catching loved ones off-guard with an unannounced return home from overseas. But today, the hearts and minds of red-blooded Americans everywhere were overjoyed even further by a viral video of an Airman surprising his girlfriend when he returned early from an eight-hour shift!

Wow! That made our day just writing about it.

It's not every day that our hard-working troops, who often spend months or even hours away from their families and friends, get to return home early to an emotionally charged reunion with their significant other and share the moment with the whole world. And yet one American airman, Staff Sgt. Saul Dietrich, did just that by capturing a live video of himself walking into his house when his girlfriend least expected him.

It all started in the second-to-last hour of shift when Dietrich was notified by his flight chief, Master Sgt. Peter Harvey, that the Air Force Personnel Center website was broken. Realizing that they wouldn't be able to get any work done that day, Harvey told his junior airmen and NCOs to close shop and quietly begin redeploying back to their homes—preferably out the back door of the AFPC building so as to not be spotted by the "hostiles" outside whose PCS orders they had accidentally canceled.

"OPSEC, guys," Harvey was heard to say as his troops turned off the lights and went down the stairs. "Don't tell anyone your travel plans until you're most of the way home."

After a long and exhausting journey of 20 minutes to his house, Dietrich convinced one of his neighbors to hold his phone and live-stream the encounter on his Facebook profile.

"I've just come back early from base, and my girlfriend has no idea I'm here," said Dietrich in the video, still wearing his OCPs from work. "I'm going to surprise her."

And boy, what a surprise it was! Loud screams and shouts were heard as the camera followed Dietrich into his house and showed him chance across his girlfriend and her “naked-yoga coach” completely disrobed on the living room couch, looks of shock and bewilderment on their faces as they covered their private-parts with a blanket. They sure didn't see that coming!

Welcome home, Sgt. Dietrich! Now that's a story that you, your ex-girlfriend, and the rest of America will remember for a long time!