Heartwarming! This Man Honors Soldiers Every Day By Putting On The Same Uniform They Do

Ten-hut! This story won't just tug at your heartstrings, it'll have them doing pushups, too!

Pretty much everybody today will tell you they "support the troops," but what do we ever really do to show it? Well, if you ever find yourself walking around the greater Lawton area, then maybe you can look to 39-year-old Neil Frooms for inspiration. He's pretty easy to pick out of a crowd — just look for the soldier in full Army camouflage.

That's right: Frooms has been showing support for our deployed troops every day for the past two years by putting on the exact same uniform they do and then going out to interact with the public.


And it's not just the uniform. Frooms takes honoring our brave heroes one step further by educating the public on lots of the battles that have taken place during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, he even role plays the part of a combat veteran to give a more gritty and vivid first-person account of the action.

Now that's dedication!

You might think all that work putting on the cloth of this country and engaging with average citizens each day goes unrewarded, but don't worry, because karma's got Frooms' back:

See, ever since he started honoring the troops in 2013, Frooms has been repaid for his good deeds by getting all kinds of discounts and schwag from restaurants, retail stores, and even discounted tickets to ball games!

Talk about “What goes around comes around,” right?

So, next time you're in the Lawton area, be sure to seek out "Sergeant" Neil Frooms to get your fill of what "Honoring Those Who Serve" really looks like. (Careful not to start asking him too many questions, though, because Frooms tends to get a little nervous when he has to go off script. Can you say "stage fright?" :P)

We salute you, Sgt. Frooms, and thank you for your service!