Pentagon Confirms Delta Force Helmet Cam Footage 'Bad-Ass'

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon acknowledged Friday that a video released last weekend showing US Army Delta Force operators liberating Iraqi prisoners from their ISIS captors was indeed "bad-ass."

“The video is pretty fucking amazing,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said, adding that the Department of Defense supplied GoPro to the Iraqi Peshmerga for helmet cam footage which would definitely be released. "Have you guys even seen that crazy shit?"

Cook said that the video shows Iraqi Peshmerga forces along with Combat Applications Group (better known as Delta Force) doing "serious badassery."

“This is some real intense shit right here,” Cook said. “It’ll make a lot of lieutenants and privates cream their pants."

Cook confirmed reports from several outside sources that Defense was working on supplying a GoPro to every member of the Iraqi Peshmerga to really "show ISIL what's up."

"Bitches," Cook added, though he went on to caution U.S. service members not to watch the video, since it could potentially reveal classified material.