Heroic Marines Volunteer To Stand Guard At Local All-Girls High School

SAN DIEGO, CA - Three Marines from Camp Pendleton have made it their mission to keep the local all-girls high school safe from suspicious activity, according to reports released today.

Inspired by a Marine Staff Sergeant who started guarding his children’s elementary school, Corporal Jack Dawn, Lance Corporal Mike Henderson and Private First Class Joseph Klien took a solemn vow to protect schoolgirls at Sacred Cross High.

The three Marines stand guard outside the school all day, watching every girl walk by to ensure their safety. They make sure their boots are unscuffed and their uniforms are creased to show as intimidating a presence as possible.

Most importantly, they maintain constant vigilance, with only a short five to ten minute break every few hours in a porta-potty they brought with them.

Cpl. Dawn instructed his Marines to talk with the girls to promote a better understanding of the student body. “The more we know each other, the more they will trust us and let us protect them,” he told Duffel Blog.

“Hey Sarah,” he said as the captain of the field hockey team walked by. “I heard your boyfriend at Holy Dominion just got cut from the track team. He sounds like a loser. I drive a tank.”

PFC Klien showed his tattoos to the students so they could identify him in a time of crisis. “This one is St. Michael the archangel fighting a dragon,” he said, rolling up his sleeve and showing his right forearm. "It represents how I’m a warrior willing to fight for what’s right and just in the world. On my shoulder I have a heart wrapped in barbed wire. I got it because I’m a bad boy but I’m also sweet on the inside.”

LCpl Henderson took a more direct approach at opening conversations with the students. “I can buy beer,” he said as a group of students walked by. “I’m twenty two, want any alcohol?”

The Marines’ heroism has not gone unnoticed by the schoolgirls. Large groups of student admirers often surround the Marines to show their appreciation. As word spread around the community, crowds of young men gathered to watch their selfless devotion to their country.

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