Political correctness gone too far? High school refuses to let ISIS recruit wear suicide vest at graduation

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Youngstown High School had been thrust into the spotlight after school administrators on Friday refused to let new recruit Martin Ostermule walk in his high school graduation after he arrived in his new uniform.

“We’re very proud of Martin and everything that he’s accomplished at Youngstown High School,” said principal Steven O’Riley. “But we have a strict rule that students must wear a cap and gown to walk in the processional. It’s a long tradition at Youngstown High, and if we make an exception for Martin, the situation could really explode.”

O’Riley went on to explain that they try to make Youngstown High a place where all students feel welcome and accepted. “We have students with different backgrounds and experiences,” said O’Riley, “And seeing Martin in suicide vest could be a trigger.”

“Of course we understand that Islam is a religion of peace, and we respect Martin’s religious freedoms,” said O’Riley. “But we stand firm on our policy. If we let Martin where his uniform, we'd have to allow the same of everyone.”

Ostermule looked at joining other services to include the US Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force, but decided on ISIS after he discovered they were more lenient about his ADHD medication.

“Joining ISIS is the greatest accomplishment of my life,” said Ostermule. “I wanted to serve my Caliphate, and be part of something bigger than myself. After attending ISIS basic training in Syria this summer, I came back to Youngstown stronger and more focused. Wearing my uniform at my high school graduation signals that I’m ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. I’m mad that my overly sensitive, politically correct high school doesn’t understand.”

“Martin knew so young that he wanted to be a fighter,” said Karen Ostermule, Martin’s mother. “I thought he was too young to go off to training, but he wanted it so badly that I would have signed the parental permission slip if ISIS had one. When he came back home, fit and trim in his new suicide vest, I teared up a little at the man my little boy had become. It’s mommy’s little jihadi! He’s so proud that he’s earned the title ISIS Fighter, and I can’t believe his high school is full of libtards that think he shouldn’t be within 200 meters of a public gathering in his uniform.”

Martin’s school counselor, Peggy Mason, said that she was "very proud of anyone from Youngstown who finds a job after graduation," but she felt that "Martin was making the graduation ceremony about himself and not the group."

School administrators allowed that Martin could wear his suicide vest under his gown, but Martin declined, saying that he thought this would be disrespectful to the uniform.

Ostermule will receive his diploma in the mail, but it’s too little too late for Karen who says that Martin is "in pieces" after his school rejected him.

Karen is now fighting to change the name on Martin’s diploma to Mohammad Gulab, which was his chosen, though not legally adopted, jihad name.