Historic first! Female Infantry private marries male stripper in Killeen, TX

KILLEEN, Texas — Pfc. Brayden Taylor made military history when she became one of the first female recruits to pass Infantry training and earn the coveted blue cord. This week, the 19-year-old Alton, Illinois, native will make history again when she marries her soul mate, stripper Dakota Walters.

Taylor, who has been in the Army just over one year, met Walters when he performed with Deez Nutz, an all-male adult dancing troop in Killeen, Texas. Walters performs under his Alamo-themed stage name, Davie Cockett. Assigned to the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Taylor was training up for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan when she and some friends went to the male revue.

“Basically,” Taylor said, “I met Dakota, and I knew we were meant for each other. We really connected on a spiritual level during the private dances I paid for and we exchanged numbers. I could tell right away he wasn’t like the other guys. He really likes me!”

Soon after, the two started dating and became inseparable. The couple could often be seen arriving at local hotspots or driving around post in Taylor’s 2020 Dodge Charger.

“We want to spend the rest of our lives together,” said Taylor. “So, I want him to enjoy all the benefits of being married to a soldier, like TriCare and on-post housing. Anyway, Dakota says he wants to go back to nursing school while I’m deployed, so I want to support him and his dreams.”

Taylor was not deterred by the skepticism of some in her unit.

“I know they mean well, and their advice is really good,” she responded. “But that’s better advice for the other guys and girls. Dakota—this isn’t his life at all. It’s just something he’s doing temporarily to make some fast cash and get ahead.”

“Dakota is an entrepreneur,” Taylor continued. “He’s not just interested in nursing, which he does because he cares about people. He’s also starting his own line of holistic essential oils, which Dakota says are superior to western medicine in so many ways.”

Walters was unavailable for comment as he had spent the weekend with a captain from III Corps who is a platonic friend and just needed someone to be there because she was getting over some personal stuff. According to friends, he looks forward to earning rank together with Taylor.