Inspiring! This admin clerk does his job!

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Cpl. Marcus Watkins of the 173rd Logistical Battalion has inspired hundreds by actually doing his job, sources report.

Watkins has been praised for filling out paperwork on time, answering emails, and even showing up to work. Conduct like this has placed him head and shoulders above his peers at the office.

“Watkins is an amazing individual,” Capt. Lucy Mirabelle said. “Doing his job really sets him apart from everyone else here."

"If you'll excuse me, there's a long line outside so I'm going to close the office for training.”

Analytics show that Watkins' hard work brought the office's average time for routing paperwork down to seven months.

“Yeah, Watkins really screws us,” Spc. Lester Higgins said. “He makes us look bad when we make up reasons to reject paperwork. He wont even hide paperwork and say someone else has it. It messes with the work flow around here.”

Watkins' chain of command wrote a citation for his hard work and dedication. At press time the paperwork was sitting on the first sergeant's desk under a coffee mug.