Iraqis seize hundreds of weapons and tanks ISIS seized from Iraqis in 2014

OUTSIDE MOSUL, Iraq — Iraqi security forces have seized hundreds of weapons, tanks, and military trucks that ISIS forces seized from them more than two years ago, Pentagon sources confirmed late Friday.

The operation to steal back stolen military equipment began last week, as Iraqi army units moved into dozens of villages outside the country's second largest city, Mosul, in an effort to recover American-made equipment stolen in 2014 that is still unaccounted for at US military consolidated issue facilities.

In Hamdaniya, ISIS militants mounted fierce opposition in an 8-hour firefight using their M1A1 main battle tanks, Humvee trucks, M16 and M4 rifles, and M2 .50 caliber machine guns, though Iraqi forces were able to maneuver into blocking positions around the city with their M1A1 main battle tanks, Humvee trucks, M16 and M4 rifles, and M2 .50 caliber machine guns.

At one point, some fighters from both ISIS and Iraqi units customarily abandoned their posts, weapons, and uniforms after they felt their side may be overrun. Most of the abandoned equipment was quickly stolen by Iranian military forces.

Though the fight was initially a stalemate, it turned in favor of the Iraqis once ISIS realized it forgot to steal airplanes.

During another nearby battle in the town of Bashiqa, some Iraqi units came under attack from ISIS fighters launching chemical weapons that had been stolen from Iraqi weapons depots in 2003. Fortunately, nearby Peshmerga forces overwhelmed the militants with an incredible array of weaponry they had stolen from Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Russia.

Meanwhile, sources say that US Marine advisors have been closely monitoring the situation and are ready to respond with weapons they had stolen from the Army.

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