ISIS fighter marks himself safe on Facebook after firefight with US Special Forces team

RAQQAH, Syria - Kaalim al-Ibrahim, a front-line fighter for ISIS, has marked himself "safe" on Facebook after a firefight with US Special Forces, sources confirmed today.

The status update came after widespread concern that ISIS fighters had been slaughtered in an incident that "did not involve premature detonation," according to several ISIS spokesmen. It was later confirmed that US Special Forces had recently engaged in a firefight with an ISIS unit, resulting in multiple casualties. Kaalim al-Ibrahim was concerned that the confusion following the engagement would cause friends and family to worry.

"I just really wanted to let everyone know that I was OK," al-Ibrahim said in a series of tweets.

Various members of the ISIS community showed their support by temporarily adding a transparent image of the ISIS flag over their Facebook profile pictures.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the fighters of ISIS and their family, friends, and loved ones," tweeted Abu al-Nazri, a YouTube personality famous for his harsh "Let's Play" commentary of Call of Duty games. "We #StandWithISIS."

Another ISIS affiliate, Jamal ibn Wahad, also marked himself "safe" after the firefight, but it was later determined that ibn Wahad has been in Belgium for the last six years.

"He just wants attention," al-Ibrahim said.

Members of the US government were very interested in the geographical metadata contained within the Facebook post, but declined to comment when asked for their reasoning.