Hundreds of ISIS fighters investigated for sharing photos of women's uncovered faces

RAQQA, Syria — A massive scandal has rocked the self-proclaimed Islamic State after reports surfaced revealing that many of the group's fighters have been sharing scandalous photos of Muslim females in a secret Facebook group.

The Facebook group, called ‘ISIS United,’ boasts some 30,000 Islamic State fighters and sympathizers. At least one hundred members have used the group as a forum to post pictures of scantily-clad women wearing revealing hijabs instead of the more conservative burqas prescribed by strict Sharia Law.

“This is outrageous and will not be tolerated,” said Rasool ul Mulaahim, a spokesman for the Islamic State. “Not only do these photos show eyes, but also noses and mouths. Nothing has been left to the imagination.”

In the Islamic State, men are forbidden from gazing upon the faces of women unless they come into ownership of them by forcing them into an arranged marriage.

“It is sickening that some of our men are posting images of someone’s private property for the entire world to see,” said Mulaahim, “and even more sickening that these vile temptresses would allow themselves to be photographed wearing those slutty hijabs.”

Still, the group does have its defenders. Some militants who were part of the secret page have noted that it served as a support group for ISIS fighters, helping to urge many to commit a suicide bombing.

ISIS representatives told reporters that all militants found to be involved in the scandal have been assigned a four-hour-long PowerPoint training on appropriate use of the Internet, while all women who were photographed have been summarily rounded-up and beheaded.

“That will surely teach a lesson to those whores of Babylon,” said Mulaahim.