Review: 'Jarhead 2' Is One Of Top 8,000 Best Military Movies We've Ever Seen

It’s been said Hollywood milks every franchise to death to make an extra buck. That is not the case with Jarhead 2.

Following the military classic Jarhead, based on the book by Anthony Swofford, Jarhead 2: Things Happen In This One uses different characters but follows the original’s theme about how it is awesome to be a United States Marine. Starring the guy from Avatar and a few actors that look vaguely familiar, Jarhead 2 shows an incredibly accurate portrayal of Marine life in Afghanistan.

The story focuses on a platoon of Marines from supply who take a break from drinking beers with their commanding officer to restock a remote outpost. While on their way, they get flagged down by a Navy SEAL, because of course there is a SEAL in this movie. The SEAL gets the Marines to help him with a combat mission, which is going to become supply’s new excuse why they are never in their office.

The movie features plenty of action as the convoy is ambushed and the Marines are assumed to be killed in action. While no one launches a rescue mission because the movie didn’t have the budget for helicopters, the Marines fight back against the Taliban, desert heat, and their greatest enemy, themselves.

After bonding and coming together as a team, the Marines say “Semper Fi" and "Oohrah!" to each other until they make it back to base, which really demonstrates the realistic dialogue one would expect from Marines after a firefight.

When they return, their commander hugs them and says “I knew you’d make it," apparently without irony. The end shots avoid all the usual war movie cliches and tropes as the Marines return to their families and the main character gets to hold his newborn son for the first time.

Unfortunately, they also lacked the budget to bring any of the Marines to a reunion with their family at a major sporting event.

Duffel Blog gives Jarhead 2 ten stars. This is a great way to give the whiny shitbag who threatened to kill another Marine more money.