Army Clerk Refuses To Issue DD214s

FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. — Based on her deeply held beliefs of the “sanctity of military service,” admin clerk Spc. Kim David has been refusing to issue DD214s to service members whose records do not share her military service values, Duffel Blog has learned.

“It wasn’t a spur of the moment decision,” said David. “It was thought out, and I consulted the army values, all seven of them, before taking these actions.”

Spc. David's actions — or lack thereof — have stirred controversy across the installation, drawing sharp criticism from those who feel the 19-year-old clerk is obligated to perform her duties as assigned regardless of her beliefs, while others complain she should not be evaluating others' service after she was caught using her Government Travel Card to buy Joel Osteen DVDs.

Some soldiers have come to her defense, seeing her stance as bravery in the face of the deteriorating power of the E-4 mafia.

"David doesn't have to process anyone's DD214 that doesn't embody the army values like we do," said Spc. Trevor Koch, a medic and vocal supporter of David's growing contingent. "Just the other day, I did a multi-source feedback on one of the lieutenants in the unit. Looked like everyone said he was a shit-bird. That's why I'm not going to update his vaccinations properly in MEDPROs."

Spc. John David Riley, the first soldier David refused to process a DD214 for, did nothing above standard for the army and deserved to continue serving until he distinguished himself, said David, when called before a judge at her Court Martial.

Riley is still waiting on a folding chair assuming that any minute now his DD214 will be complete and could not be reached for comment.

David, a Rowan County, Ky. native, testified that she joined the army to be a cook and was forced into the administration position. She asserted she never would have volunteered for a position where she would be forced to provide services to soldiers who have not served up to her standards.

David herself has previously collected a string of Article 15’s for public indecency, dereliction of duty, and misappropriation of government equipment in addition to the investigation into her Government Travel Card Charges.

“I’ve made mistakes,” said David. “I know I have. But I’m only accountable to the army. I can’t be fired. No one else on this post knows how to generate a DD214.”