LEGO commemorates War in Afghanistan with ‘Unlimited Edition’ set

ENFIELD, Conn. — The LEGO Group has announced a new unlimited edition LEGO set to be released later this year commemorating the conflict in Afghanistan, also known as The Forever War.

The set is a subscription service that arrives every six months, often requiring the builder to destroy much of what they have built, scrap all previous directions, and begin anew.

LEGO spokesman Peter Jensensen told reporters, “We are very excited to begin this project. It’s an opportunity for us to honor the soldiers of America, but also the rest of NATO, and their experiences.”

“Imagine how much joy parents will have with their children, putting LEGO sandbag after sandbag around a freshly established overwatch position, only to have to move those sandbags ten feet to the left the next day. Memories.”

The set will represent all of the aspect of the conflict: the shifting priorities, the vagueness combined with mission creep, and Good Idea Fairies to adorn all structures. A select handful of subscribers will be offered the chance to purchase a Regional Command–Southwest command-and-control facility, as long as they promise to tear it down and send the kit back as soon as they finish.

The set is also interactive, with LEGO finally acknowledging the horrors parents face when traversing LEGO-filled bedrooms. The interactive portion will include IED kits for children to build and surprise their parents with tiny LEGO explosions down any corridor within their homes.

There are no current plans announced by LEGO to issue an end to this set.

Addison Blu and Blondesoverbagdad contributed to this article