Lieutenant confident Moleskine journal cooler than green leader book

FORT DRUM, NY – Second Lt. Marcus Trevor is excited about making a good first impression at his first duty station. The 23-year-old infantry officer spent the past three and a half hours at a local Barnes and Noble examining different journals and notebooks to use as his leader book when he reports to the 10th Mountain Division as a new platoon leader.

“It’s very early 2000s to carry the old Army issue green leader book,” said Trevor. “I’m looking for something more standout. More contemporary. My goal is to be the kind of leader who is forward looking, but still classic.”

The green leader book Trevor references is the standard military-issue green notebooks, often available from supply. They are also known by their technical name: NSN 7530-00-222-3521.

“Obviously, I want to eventually get a solid tactical cover for it – something in OCP or MultiCam — with plenty of pen pockets and velcro for my unit and morale patches. I’ve got an awesome one of a Punisher skull with a tab that says ‘Essential Personnel’ over it. I want my troops to know I am not only hardcore, but approachable and funny.”

Trevor, who has yet to review the reporting instructions to Fort Drum or study up on the history of the 10th Mountain Division, feels he is ready to make a strong entrance into the next phase of his military career.

After much deliberation, he settled on a basic, black-covered Moleskine notebook.

“Did you read the insert? Hemingway and Picasso carried these in, I don’t know, Belgium or Berlin or wherever they were. This is a history I really want to be a part of!” said Trevor, while ordering a latte from the bookstore’s coffee shop.