Local man claims he could be US Navy SEAL after Fortnite victories

BOSTON — A 32-year-old Boston man claims his success on the popular video game “Fortnite” could lead to a successful career as a United States Navy SEAL.

Dave McTavern, who goes by gamertag “SkillzDatKillz6969,” pronounced his intentions to enlist into the SEAL training program to his nearly 250,000 followers on the popular live video streaming service Twitch last week.

McTavern’s boast came soon after posting 158 solo victories in the popular multiplayer video game, which has captured the attention of some of the most popular athletes and celebrities around the world.

The objective of Fortnite is easy: Parachute out of the sky onto a small island that is full of buildings, weapons, and 99 other players looking to kill you. Be the last one alive and victory is yours.

After racking up over 150 of those victories within the last week, McTavern’s self-confidence has never been higher.

“How can my skill level not be transferable to the military?” McTavern said. “I clearly know airborne tactics, the different colors of weapons that exist, and plus I am in great shape from running and simultaneously building houses. That’s stuff SEALs do right? Also, do you know if they allow us to bring our own headsets?”

The victories alone aren’t as impressive as his ability to eliminate his opponents. During his winning streak, McTavern racked up 672 eliminations over 84 hours of gameplay. That efficiency is something he says is what will help him succeed.

“When was the last time the Navy ever killed that many bad guys in such a short amount of time?” McTavern, who hasn’t come out his mother’s basement in seven months, said. “I could’ve probably gotten Osama myself. Being a SEAL might be too easy honestly.”

McTavern has taken to social media to garner support for his movement to become a Navy SEAL.

“ISIS about to get #Wreckd. Let Davey spin @USNavy !!!!” McTavern tweeted Thursday.

McTavern claims he has contacted Navy Recruiting Command about enlisting into the SEAL program but has yet to receive any response.

“They’re probably looking at all my sick footage from the last week and coming up with a wicked sweet enlistment bonus offer,” McTavern said during an interview, while hammering down a box of Dunkin’ Donuts. “It’s only a matter of time before they call me. I’m ready to go, bro.”

In response to questions from reporters about the growing hype around Dave McTavern, a Navy spokesman provided the following statement:

“Per DoD policy, we cannot comment publicly on potential recruits joining the United States Navy, especially those who have interest or are currently within the Special Operations Community. Furthermore, our research shows there is no correlation between video game skill and the ability to succeed as a service member. Remember in 2003 when all those morons signed up after Call of Duty came out? We’re still not out of that one.”