Man starts viral video campaign to raise awareness that veterans exist

RALEIGH, N.C. — A local man is doing his part to do nothing for veterans except raise the public's awareness that they exist through a viral video campaign, sources confirmed today.

Richard Tippman, 31, recently recorded a video of himself stacking nickels on top of each other and uploaded it to Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #NickelsForVets.

The video has been shared more than 100,000 times, inspiring many other Americans to post pictures and videos of their own stacks of nickels in honor of America's veterans. The campaign comes on the heels of other awareness campaigns that had Americans doing pushups, performing dance routines, and eating cake for the troops.

"Those other campaigns are all fine and good, but clearly, most Americans are not aware enough about veterans," said Tippman. "Which is why I started this. It's all about honoring the men and women of the US military and the sacrifices I'm unclear of that they make every single day."

In addition to the video in which he inspires others to stack their loose change in honor of veterans, Tippman also told reporters he plans to make a massive donation of thoughts, prayers, and Facebook likes to military service members deployed overseas.

Tippman told reporters that his philanthropy doesn't end with veterans.

In fact, he's planning to walk 5 kilometers for breast cancer research later this month. Although he hasn't raised any money for it, Tippman said organizers will likely benefit from his presence, and he's fairly certain women will take off their tops.