Marvel's "War on Terror: No Endgame in Sight" loses $5.6 trillion in first 18 years

LOS ANGELES — Marvel Studios announced today their most recent film “War on Terror: No Endgame in Sight” has bombed badly with an estimated loss of $5.6 trillion since opening 18 years ago.

Hollywood reporters were shocked at the poor box office performance. Dan Wakeford, People Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, vividly remembers “how excited everyone was about this project from 2001-2003. But, the public lost interest quickly once they realized how long it would run. As a result, the media also had to start ignoring the ‘War on Terror’ around 2008.”

None of the cast have stepped forward to assume responsibility for failing to win the audience's hearts and minds. Cast member Stanley McChrystal offered a signed copy of his memoir to this reporter in lieu of on-the-record comments when approached. A-lister David Petraeus released a statement that he was still “All In” and committed to working intimately with junior staff members despite the film's poor returns.

Notably absent from the “War on Terror” red carpet premiere, was former President George W. Bush, whose initial passion for the film was said to be hot enough to melt steel beams.

Marvel Studios CEO Isaac Perlmutter is optimistic despite the bad news.

“I expect we will recoup our losses eventually, as we plan to leave this movie in theater forever,” he said.