Meet the POG who is going to be your boss in the civilian world

RAF LAKENHEATH, UK — You may not realize it, but Airman 1st Class Harold Margason is going to be your boss in the civilian world someday.

Unbeknownst to the two of you, your lives are destined to become closely intertwined in several years' time, when you find yourself working as a security guard/janitor at the business he owns, sources confirmed.

Margason and you come from similar backgrounds: Working-class households, public school educations, and indecision about the future after high school. However, whereas you joined the infantry so you could "blow shit up," Margason joined the Air Force as a Person Other than Grunt (POG) and picked a job field where he would be able to obtain a top-secret clearance, opportunities for off-duty education, and marketable skills - whatever the fuck that means.

According to your battle buddies, you bought a Mustang at roughly 46% APR after graduating basic training and are using a significant portion of your paycheck for the monthly payments. Your weekends are spent partying, playing video games, and "making it rain" at titty-bars. And your plans after leaving active duty involve “getting one of those sweet overseas contracting gigs” before going to college.

Unfortunately, those job openings will end up going to your former platoon mates who went to special operations units. When that plan falls through, you will end up using the first year of your GI Bill just taking remedial classes and general studies because you didn’t attend school while on active duty.

Margason’s coworkers, on the other hand, say that he drives a paid-off clunker, allots 25% of his paycheck into his personal savings account, and is careful to set aside money for cheap flights to mainland Europe rather than going on pub-crawls every weekend. When not on shift, he is working toward an online B.S. in Economics from Penn State and teaching himself about the burgeoning fields of cybersecurity and big data. He will end up leaving the service with a degree in hand, half of an MS in Data Analytics completed, and over $25,000 in the bank.

While you’re painting rocks or shamming your way out of working parties, Margason is winning unit awards and building rapport with high-ranking officers around base.

While you’re busy getting “turnt” on Friday nights, Margason is developing skills that will set him up for the outside world. Whereas you’re stuck at some shithole base in Gonorrhea-ville, that bitch-ass desk pilot is living in Europe on the government’s dime and will be moving off-base once he puts on E-4.

Eight years from now, when you’ve exhausted your GI Bill at the end of junior year, Margason will be running a growing consulting firm/think tank in your college town, whose workforce is mostly composed of military and intelligence community veterans. He will be all too happy to give you a part-time job keeping drunks out of the building and cleaning the windows.

When that day comes, sources say you should probably thank him for his service.