Meet the underwear model helping military spouses cope with deployment loneliness

FORT HOOD, Tx. — Local civilian and underwear model Jordan Darrell Koch-Waggoner, known to local soldiers and their wives as “Jo D.” or "Jody," takes pride in serving the men and women of Fort Hood by helping spouses at home deal with deployment loneliness.

“Generally, I try to keep what I’m doing on the DL,” said Koch-Waggoner, who was surprised to hear about his fame around post. “I’m not doing it for praise. I just want to see that the military spouses back home have their needs taken care of."

Like most of the country’s population, "Jody" has never served in the armed forces, but he feels this is a way of fulfilling his patriotic duty and giving back to the service members who have defended his freedom.

"Servicing... I mean, serving the people with the toughest job in the military is what I do best."

Koch-Waggoner has kept himself busy over the past ten years, volunteering his time to tend to the personal and familial needs of military dependents when their soldier is deployed. In addition to being an underwear model and spending time around Army wives, he has also worked as a part-time clerk, landscaper, and bartender at various businesses around the base, which has enabled him to meet many more spouses.

Rumors have also begun circulating of men matching his description frequenting favorite military watering-holes around installations all over North America.

"This guy is everywhere," remarked a local temp agency manager, who wished to remain anonymous.

When asked about “Jody," local army wife Tamara Anderson had only good things to say about him.

“Oh, Jody? That guy is amazing! He has been really helpful since my husband deployed,” Anderson gushed enthusiastically. “Whether I need someone to help mow the lawn or take the kids to soccer, Jody has always been eager to help!"

“And it doesn’t hurt that he looks good in his Speedos and makes me laugh.”

Duffel Blog asked deployed Fort Hood soldiers via Facebook how they felt about "Jody" Koch-Waggoner, a male model, spending so much time around their wives.

"I’m not too worried. He could do better," seemed to be the general consensus.

Meanwhile, "Jody" has been carrying on as usual, helping attractive army wives in their 20s and early 30s around the house, babysitting their kids, and generally trying to fill the voids their husbands have left behind.

At press time, dozens of Fort Hood spouses were panicking upon learning that Koch-Waggoner's cousin, "Judy", is a former Victoria's Secret model-turned-soldier and is deploying to Afghanistan next week.