MILFaceApp allows civilians to see how they would look had they served

MENLO PARK, Calif.—Following the viral popularity of FaceApp, the newly released MILFace uses the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition software to show civilians what they would look like if they had actually joined the military like they totally planned to do years ago.

Using patented software, MILFace graphically alters a user's photographs to remove up to thirty percent of baby fat, replicate military-style haircuts, and add a layer of cynicism and discontent to the eyes. Multiple optional filters are available, such as Chainsmoker, an inexpensive add-on that replicates the signs of early-onset aging that result from abusing multiple forms of tobacco and energy drinks.

With or without add-ons, the overall effect is a transformation from sad and pathetic civilians with nothing of substance to images of seasoned veterans who actually did something with their lives.

“It’s really helped me fill a void,” said Reggie Hartman, a real estate broker from San Mateo County, Calif. “I always wanted to join the military, especially after 9/11, but, you know, college and then getting married. I mean, where could I have fit it in? But, I really admire our troops and all they do for our freedom. With MILFace, I get a truly realistic idea of how I could have looked if I had become an Army 36B financial management technician.”

The app, developed by HooahScape, a division of the Office of Personnel Management, allows users to select which branch of service they prefer. In addition to providing the appropriate uniform filter, this feature allows the app’s AI to select the appropriate amount of weight loss to apply. Officer-mode, lifer-mode, and Reserve/National Guard options are available as in-app purchases.

“So many people out there really wish they had actually joined up, but just couldn’t,” said software developer, Miguel Santiago. “What we’ve provided here, more than anything, is a service to those who respect the service they so wish they had joined.”

Software developers have hinted at the upcoming release of POGFace, the app which allows military special operations forces and combat arms personnel to see how they would look if they belonged to less prestigious military specialties.