Military slogan contest down to 500 variations of 'tip of the spear'

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Pentagon has narrowed down the finalists of the unit slogan contest to roughly 500 variations of “Tip Of The Spear,” sources report.

The contest, announced earlier this year, was to distinguish the most unique slogan a military unit has given to itself. Slogans are a chance for units to display a sense of creativity, individuality and pride, defense officials said.

“We started with 30,000 slogans,” Lt. Col. Bob James, commanding officer of the famed administrative "tip of the spear" unit 2947th Administrative Affairs. “First thing we did was eliminate ones that didn't mention tip of the spear. That left us with 29,997.”

“Then we eliminated slogans that were misspelled,” James said. “After that we were down to only a thousand. So far the results are as expected.”

James says he considers five slogans strong contenders to win. They are the 2nd Lawn Care Specialists ,”2nd to None, Tip of the Spear,” 4642nd Naval Logistics “4642nd To None, Tip of the Spear,” 11th Strategic Bomber Squadron “Tip of the Spear, Here Am I, Send Me,” Army Nursing Corps Fort Hood “Greater Love Hath No Man Than This, That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends, Tip of the Spear,” and the 32nd Marine Boat Unit “Here Am I, Greater Love Hath No Man Than This, Tip of the Spear, 32nd to None.”

James expects to announce the winning slogan next month. “It will be a great contest,” James said. “Stay tuned.”

According to officials, the winners of the contest will receive nothing.