The 5 Most-Happening Military Spring Break Destinations

[tps_header]Spring break may seem out of reach for military members these days, with increased work loads and shrinking budgets. But weekend duty or another free trip to Anheuser-Bush resorts may not be your only options. Duffel Blog teamed up with to put together a list of the best places for military members to visit, without spending a dime.

So get out your Administrative Action form and your Individual Augmentation request, because this list is sure to cure the service member's spring-time blues.[/tps_header]

[tps_title]#5 Kāneʻohe Bay, Hawaii[/tps_title]

Hiking to the top of Chinaman's Hat in Kāneʻohe Bay is one of the challenges of being assigned to this island paradise.

When former Marines of Kāneʻohe Bay tell friends they served in the military, they try to avoid saying they did so in one of the world's top vacation spots. With some of the best surfing in the world and a summer climate year round, the tropical island beats your shitty post in Alabama or the Mojave desert any day.

Avoid angry Samoans who want to kill you and killer waves on the North Shore that you know in your heart you can't surf, and you are in for the best military-paid vacation of your career.

[tps_title]#4 Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar[/tps_title]

Qatar is such an awesome place, even washed-up celebrities make it a vacation favorite.

One thousand selfies posted on Facebook can't be wrong. This desert oasis is real, and rocks year round with live music, a 2000-person outdoor movie theater, Fox Sports Bar, and free round-the-clock maid and laundry service. Your paycheck may look like you're on a deployment, but don't let the extra cash and glow belts fool you. "The Deid" hasn't been attacked since it opened over a decade ago.

So get your three-drink minimum on and then go buy three more from the guy playing Minecraft in his CC room. While you're there, don't forget to check out the USO schedule. It's ripe with celebs and politicians trying to dodge a bullet, but still get their desert photo op.

[tps_title]#3 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba[/tps_title]

Other vacationers play soccer in the GTMO Cup championship game.

Ever heard the slogan, "There's more than corn in Indiana"? Well there's more than prisoners in Cuba. When you're not tending to the needs of 400 locked-up terrorists or giving tours to congressmen, you're chilling on a rocky beach with a mojito and your snorkeling gear. "GTMO" sports short work-weeks and the best Irish bar on the island. Watch detainee soccer games, run over Banana Rats in your island cruiser, or just order some jerk-chicken to pass the day.

Flights run weekly, but space is limited. Have your orders in hand and get to your return flight early to beat the 3000 service and family members trying to get out of there.

[tps_title]#2 Afghanistan[/tps_title]

These party animals are gunning for fun and excitement.

Did someone say "Drawdown 2014"? If you ever picked a time to visit the Land of War, this spring is it. The Taliban will wrap up a decade-long resistance with Spring Offensive '14, which is sure to be big, and logistics will be off the hook. Ever wanted to get shit-faced and drive an MRAP into a ditch? Here's your chance. Nothing is coming back, and no one cares.

Who needs a SOFA? Relax with your M203 and Makers Mark, and smoke the first thing that moves off base. Why not? You deserve some stress relief.

[tps_title]#1 Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego[/tps_title]

Yellow Hell? Nah. How about Yellow Swell, am I right? (Photo: Randy Robertson)

It's too late for Marines, but the rest of the armed forces can visit this "Hollywood" all-inclusive self-improvement resort for little more than a reboot of your entire career. Trade in your Petty Officer or Sergeant rank for good old E-2, and you get three hots and a cot in the city with the most consecutive days at 72 degrees Fahrenheit in the world.

Want to learn to be a marksman, quit smoking, walk in-step with 40 other dudes, or lose some weight? You'll have three months to figure it out, and your own personal motivation coach to help you along. Be sure to check in with the free 24-hour vaccination service when you arrive, and don't get fooled into finally admitting you've smoked pot.

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