Navy SEAL Writes Tell-All Book About Delta Force Raid

NEW YORK — A US Navy SEAL has released a tell-all book detailing the daring raid into Syria last month by the Army’s highly secretive Delta Force. The book, “Silent Warriors” by Lt. Cmdr. Hal Jacobs, discussed the raid that resulted in the death of ISIS resource minister Abu Sayyaf and the capture of his wife, according to Jacobs' publicist.

“Honestly I just felt that it was a story that needed to be told,” Jacobs told Duffel Blog, about why he decided to write about a raid that neither he nor any other SEALs were involved with. “I’m sure there was a lot of emotion and personal grit that went into the execution of this mission, and I wanted to be the one to capture that for the public before someone else did."

Jacobs addressed early accusations that his entire book is basically a work of fiction since he had absolutely nothing to do with the mission or Delta Force, and hasn’t worked on an active SEAL team since 2007, sources reported.

“Complete bullshit! This book is chock full of facts,” he said, adding: “The operators were probably flown in by helicopter from somewhere in Iraq. Maybe Ops Base Zulu, but I can’t talk about that because it’s classified. The details are in chapter six."

“When they landed I bet there was resistance, and possibly a heart-wrenching decision to shoot or spare a young member of the target’s family — which I detail in chapter nine by the way," he continued. "There’s really no reason not to assume the mission went down exactly as I’ve described.”

When asked how a Navy SEAL had such detailed insight into Army Delta Force operations, Jacobs told reporters, “The thing is, SEAL Team 6 is what we call a ‘Tier 1’ unit. We’re the elite of the elite. Everything we do sets the bar for JSOC [Joint Special Operations Command] operators."

"So trying to describe how a smaller, less prestigious organization like Delta operates is like asking a master chef trying to explain how a fry cook flips burgers. It’s so simple it’s almost insulting," he concluded.

Jacobs had an interesting explanation for why no one from Delta Force had publicly come forward to take credit for the shooting.

“That’s just another example of what I’m talking about. SEAL’s literary connections are world class," he said. "I’ll bet those D-boys still can’t figure out Kindle Direct.”