Navy SEALs To Infiltrate Libya In Secret Mission, Major Book Publisher Reports

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA - A major publisher of Navy SEAL memoirs reported today that a U.S. retaliation strike is "imminent" in Libya. Following the news stories of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Random Day spokesman Bill Klein stated that several of their company’s clients called with a preliminary manuscript for possible books.

“The first to contact us was Steve Faulkner,” Klein said. “He is with DEVGRU… you know, the SEAL Team Six guys. Anyway, he called us up late at night and said he wanted to present a new book idea for his autobiography, which would include several chapters on raids against terrorist camps in the Libyan desert.”

Klein said the conversation was cut short because Faulkner stated that he would be leaving the next morning and would be gone for awhile, possibly for several weeks. “OPSEC is so important to these guys,” said Klein, “so usually when a world event happens and they have to go respond, they’ll have to quickly send us a manuscript for their next book idea before they get on a plane to go and do an op.”

When Klein was asked about his usage of military slang, he was more than happy to answer.

“These operators and I have become so tight over the past several years. What, with all that’s been going on and the slew of book ideas and manuscripts we’ve been reviewing, I’ve even opened up a satellite office in Virginia Beach just to handle all the material coming out of Dam Neck and Little Creek alone. The public affairs office over at SPECWAR and I have developed a really good relationship, too.”

Klein was happy to show reporters from the Duffel Blog other manuscripts sent in. “This one here was from a young lieutenant over at Eight… that’s SEAL Team Eight,” Klein said with a grin. “The working title is ‘Into the Den of the Ayatollah’, but we’re thinking of changing that.”

Klein stated that he hasn’t been able to contact the Lieutenant because his unit shipped to the Persian Gulf a month ago. “I expect he’ll update his Facebook page soon with his location so that all his fans can follow him,” Klein stated. The publisher has high hopes for the book, especially when the U.S. strikes at Iran’s nuclear facilities later this year.

Duffel Blog reporters were fortunate to have Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Bud Jorgenson show up with a manuscript during the interview with Klein. He was excited to talk about his experiences and get his name out there "to generate some buzz."

“Yeah, we get a quick class towards the end of BUD/S on how to write a good manuscript.” Jorgenson said. “It’s just as important to us as learning how to navigate underwater or conduct CQB. Once you get here to Virginia Beach though, one of the guys on the Teams will introduce you to Bill here and really get your shit rolling. Of course, you have to get out on some ops first… some deployments under your belt, that sort of thing. Nobody wants fiction when they can read the real deal.”

Klein stated that he is currently looking at the possibility of expanding Random Day’s office in Virginia Beach.

“So many of the guys want to do movies, especially after ‘Act of Valor’ came out,” Klein said. “Lots of guys were jealous of the trim the ‘Act of Valor’ SEALs were getting at the premier parties and such. It’s way better than just being a wealthy book writer. I mean, what chick wants to bang an author? Being an actor is where it’s really at.”

Klein said he’s currently in talks with Tri-Star and Paramount to open film studios in the Virginia Beach area.