Realistic Episode Of NCIS Revolves Around Catching E-3 With Two Grams Of Spice

NORFOLK, VA — Critics are hailing the latest episode of NCIS after showing a gritty and realistic take on a four month undercover operation to bust a dangerous drug ring onboard the USS Harry S. Truman.

The episode begins with Special Agent Timothy McGee pretending to be a Fireman Apprentice in Truman’s engineering department. After four months of being ignored and treated like shit by everyone onboard, McGee gains the trust of Engineman Fireman David Wallace. Wallace shows McGee the location of a store where he purchases Spice, a legal substance he smokes off the ship.

McGee then alerts his boss, Special Agent Leroy Gibbs. "Gibbs, I've uncovered a huge danger to the entire United States Naval service," McGee says in one of the episode's climactic scenes.

Gibbs brings his team to the ship to bust the dangerous drug dealer. Forensic Specialist Abbey Sciuto was stopped at the gate to Norfolk Naval Station and told she wouldn’t be allowed in until she stopped dressing like a goth and a total idiot.

As Gibbs and his team search Wallace’s rack, several sailors in the berthing look in the direction of Sciuto and mutter in hushed tones, "Dudes, look," and "Yes, totally would."

Wallace is convicted of distributing drugs and sentenced to ten years in the brig. The episode ends with Gibbs giving a speech about how NCIS is the thin blue line keeping the Navy and Marine Corps from "descending into total chaos."

On the West Coast, NCIS Los Angeles continued their duties despite there being no Navy or Marine units stationed in the city.

The team’s investigation of a murdered sailor with a top-secret clearance is halted after Senior Field Agent Sam Hanna is swarmed by onlookers asking for autographs, saying he “totally looks like that rapper guy.”