Guard Recruiter's 'Netflix And Drill' Not Catching On So Far

EGLIN AFB, Fla. — Several airmen and soldiers stationed at Eglin Air Force Base have expressed unease after the local National Guard recruiter invited them to "Netflix and drill," Duffel Blog has confirmed.

Staff Sgt. Randal Sherwin, a 48-year-old recruiter for the Army National Guard, has been busy trying to convince qualified service members and civilians to join the Florida Guard, especially younger individuals who have more potential longevity.

"Do you plan on returning to school or going private sector, but don't want to leave behind the military's camaraderie or the Florida party scene? Come join us for some Netflix and drill in the National Guard, and you won't have to spend your weekends alone. Here's my number," said Sherwin as he offered his business card to a female airman sitting in front of his desk in the recruiting office. The airman excused herself to use the restroom and has yet to return.

"I've heard the term 'Netflix and chill' floating around lately," the recruiter said. "It works well once I put my own spin on it, since it describes what we Guardsmen tend to do on weekends."

Unbeknownst to Sherwin, his pitches have had a cold reception among most of his potential recruits, including Airman 1st Class Jessica Vargas, who is hoping to switch services and become a Black Hawk pilot.

"What's that guy's deal, anyway, inviting me to 'Netflix and drill' and asking if I'm 'down to fight' as a weekend warrior?" Vargas asked. "He's old enough to be my father, for fuck's sake. I hope this is just a bad attempt at being hip."

Though his recruiting numbers have been fairly low since the new fiscal year began, Sherwin is confident that catering to millennials will help him in the longer term.

"The Guard has needs which must be fulfilled, and a strapping young lad like you could fill the void," he conveys to a high school-aged military brat. "Don't want a long-term commitment, but still want some of the benefits? Come join our Netflix and drill session next month, and we'll show you how the grown-ups have fun!"

At press time, Sherwin had reportedly been removed from recruiting duty and is now working at the armory in Camp Blanding.