Cyber Command launches new 'Safe Space' social media platform

FORT MEADE, Md. — U.S. Cyber Command has launched a new social media platform called "Safe Space" to give military members and civilians alike an alternative to Facebook and other social platforms, sources confirmed today.

The Safe Space platform is more intuitive than other networks, officials said, adding that when users sign-up, all of their personal information is already loaded in the database, which allows them to quickly share gym selfies, news articles, and every aspect of their daily lives with the government instead of a private company like Facebook some say doesn't respect their data.

"We think that Safe Space will really strike a chord with the civilian population," said Lt. James Kitridge, a cyber warfare analyst based at Fort Meade.

Kitridge added that the entire population of the U.S. would be automatically enrolled on the platform, which would also bring in data from various sources such as NSA databases, financial institutions, phone companies, and the Office of Personnel Management.

The Office of Personnel Management was recently lauded by Congress for its ability to get information out to the international community in an innovative, readily accessible venue.

Although officials stressed that every American had already consented to use of the platform, those who later opt out will still maintain profiles and personal information on the site through state and federal warrants and unconstitutional statutes.