Obama Fails To Salute Flag Decal On The Back Of Pickup


WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Obama failed to acknowledge an American flag prominently displayed on a veteran’s pickup truck on Wednesday, further incensing a majority of Americans not born in Kenya.

“I saw the whole thing,” US Army Veteran Joe Gunderson told Duffel Blog. “Just breezed right past it; one hand in his pocket, the other holding a cellphone up to his face. Didn't give two shits about that flag.”

Details of the snub emerged during the President’s recent trip to Los Angeles for a trade summit. According to numerous sources, and confirmed by local news broadcasters, the President was crossing the street with his security detail and walked immediately past a 5”x7” flag decal on the rear bumper of Gunderson’s F-350. Damningly, the President was unlikely to have missed the flag, at it was placed next to a graphic photograph of an aborted fetus, and exactly at eye-level due to the vehicle’s modified suspension system.

President Obama is building on a long list of slights toward the military community, including a recent failure to properly salute a Marine Corps honor guard. As Commander in Chief, Obama is expected to return salutes, address service members by rank and to respect the flag which so many men and women have fought, bled and died for.

Given the outcry over past faux pas, many expected the President to be keenly aware of what is expected of him by the military. Few were surprised, however, that he was not. Since the incident, photographs and eyewitness accounts have made the rounds on various cable news networks, further lowering the President's already abysmal approval rating.

“It’s just real clear to me that this president hates the military,” says Pam Harris, the owner of a small chain of check-cashing stores who was attending a protest outside the summit. "And America. And whites.”

GOP leadership in the Senate were quick to admonish the President.

“This is yet another instance of an aloof, disconnected President failing to take stock of what makes this country great,” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Duffel Blog. “I once saw George W. interrupt a negotiation at an OPEC summit, snap to attention and salute a GI Joe action figure that had fallen out of his pocket. That’s the kind of leadership our military needs.”