Opinion: Do you know what is more infectious than COVID-19? COURAGE

By Master Sergeant Thomas LaFever, your Drill Sergeant.

Listen up, America. You’re scared. You’re scared of an enemy that you can’t see and that is highly infectious. Well, you know what is more infectious than COVID-19? Courage. And you know who is more contagious with that than a whole cruise ship full of old people? The U.S. military, that’s who!

Today we’re hearing a lot about running home to hide from the enemy. Well, “work from home” sounds a helluva lot like “retreat” if you ask me. Can you imagine George Washington telling his freezing troops at Valley Forge to just work from home? Hell no! They gladly “embraced the suck,” despite costing the lives of nearly 2,000 Continental Army soldiers. You think the men and women who wear our uniform today are any less brave?

And with all due respect to “experts,” this “social distancing” thing sounds a lot like something France would do, not the U. S. of A. Our soldiers have faced down Nazis and Al Qaida, and they’re not about to “telecommute” to victory.

That’s why when you hear that the Navy is cramming sailors aboard ships despite an epidemic, or that Army, Air Force and Marines are slow in adapting Basic Training to the realities of a pandemic, just know that they’re not being stupid. They’re fearless. They’re looking the virus in the eye and growling, “I am the virus!” It’s the grit that won Iwo Jima, Midway, D-Day, and it’s the grit that will beat COVID-19. Their resolve is virulent. When it comes to the vaccine against courage, called fear, we’re anti-vaxxers.

The American soldier’s blood is teeming with courage. Feverish with valor, our troops are ready to cough up the viscous phlegm of loyalty. They’re brothers and sister-in-arms standing shoulder-to-shoulder, not sissies standing six to 12 feet apart.

And when they’ve answered the nation’s call, America will stand tall, with the proverbial lungs of liberty riddled with the bronchial scar tissue of patriotism. COVID-19 doesn't stand a chance.