Opinion: I would’ve joined the military too if I didn’t think it was beneath me

By Chad Buffandpuff III

I heard you talking earlier about how you were in the military. First, thank you for your service. That’s awesome and I want to let you know, I appreciate your sacrifice and I definitely would’ve joined up myself if I wasn’t absolutely sure it’s way beneath me. I have a ton of respect for the troops, especially those who I assume didn’t have other options or weren’t smart enough to do something else like go to college and get a regular job like I did. So basically all of them.

I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like. I mean, I’ve never really had to try because I did well in high school so I had other options but it’s so impressive that you probably didn’t and decided to serve rather than be homeless. Did you ever kill anyone?

It must be amazing to be part of the less-than-1-percent who serve. I mean sure, a big part of that other 99 percent totally could have since they’ll take anyone but you put it all on the line for the nation. You’re a member of America’s Warrior Class which is definitely a lower class than me but must be awesome if you’re really into guns and killing people or whatever.

My grandfather was in World War II and I was always in awe of him so I totally get why you would want to serve. He used to talk about his experiences sometimes which was amazing but my parents and I decided it was more important that I’m successful so I never pulled the trigger on joining. Do you have PTSD now?

I definitely believe the Profession of Arms is one of the most important callings there is. Not like being a doctor or lawyer or sommelier or anything like that. But like becoming an electrician or a plumber for sure. And just like those jobs, I’m definitely glad there are people who can aim for, uh, that sort of thing. People like you, and farmers, or people in the South.

Thank you so much for your service