Oprah Winfrey Hosts Veterans Day Giveaway Special

SAN DIEGO, California — Members of the Southern California Veterans Alliance got a big surprise this afternoon after their Veterans Day lunch outing to Golden Corral turned into a live giveaway special for the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Entering the restaurant, the group of 27 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans appeared bewildered by cameras and sound equipment until Oprah Winfrey emerged from behind the Nacho Cheese Waterfall.

“You get a free Southwest Sizzle Egg Roll, and you get a free Southwest Sizzle Egg Roll! Everybody who went to war gets a free Southwest Sizzle Egg Roll,” exclaimed Oprah, while reaching into a steaming buffet tin of Southwest Sizzle Egg Rolls and tossing them to the cheering heroes.

The excitement grew as Oprah announced their entire lunch outing, totaling $32.99, would be paid for. She then instructed them to check under their seats.

"Oooh, more free stuff," said former Army Sgt. and Purple Heart recipient Dennis Logan. "You know, for a while now I've been disillusioned with why we were in Iraq and feeling let down by our leaders in government, but then something like this happens. Totally worth it."

Each gift basket contained a scroll with the secret number to a real human being at the VA hospital, a limited edition Ed Hardy Veterans Day T-shirt that says “Your Freedom Isn’t Free – I PAID FOR IT,” a beard grooming kit, and a pair of actual silk silkies with 'Veteran' in gold letters across the back.

The special will re-air on OWN tonight at 8pm Eastern.