AMAZON BOOK REVIEW: 'Worthy Fights: A Memoir' By Leon Panetta

The following is the top review on for the book "Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace," by former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

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By Barry on October 8, 2014

Format: Hardcover

The author of this book is a partisan hack of the worst order, WHO BY THE WAY, BETRAYS HIS BEST FRIENDS.

I mean, really, this book is a total pile of bullshit, about 5'6" tall, which also totally describes the author.

Pancetta, or whatever his dago name is, complains that the President of the United States “lost his way.” Huh? Maybe somebody should show him the fucking way to Arlington National Cemetery, in the back of a caisson with backwards boots in the horse’s stirrups? How about that? Or he could learn the way to Fort Jesus Fucking Leavenworth’s prison for sharing classified information! Maybe he’d like somebody to find him a way home from Chelsea Manning’s cell.

In a total genius of a non sequitur (that's right; I went all Latin on his ass), Prince-Edna says some stupid shit about we should have armed the goddam Syrian rebels two years ago. Who the shit do you think we are trying to kill now, Lee? Who. The shit. Are. We. Trying to kill now?? The Vatican Swiss Guard? Yeah, that’s right. We’re fighting the fucking pope’s codpiece-wearing Swiss dudes. Oh, wait. Nope! The Syrian fucking rebels!

"Duh. Duh. I'm Lena Pince-Nez! If only I had given guns and missiles to the bad guys two years ago, they'd be easier to kill now! Derp!"

You don’t like red lines, huh? Well if I were President Obama which I'M TOTALLY NOT, BTW, what I'd do is roofie you, paint a pussy on you and drop you off in some FOB’s whack shack. Yeah that would be a red line I could get behind. If I were the greatest president ever. That would be totally awesome.

I'm thinking maybe they’ll send you off as an emissary to some Emirate prince — you and Biden — to kiss some ass and make up for what that motormouthed idiot said. Then, maybe, some intern will accidentally publish your itinerary, and maybe some jihadi dirtbag will accidentally shoot down your motherfucking plane! Because people who hurt their friends get what they deserve.

I can't believe a publisher would print ALL THESE LIES from a totally worthless man! It should be illegal to titty-twist someone who respected you and elevated you and GAVE YOU A STAGE to make all kinds of money PEDDLING SLANDER. If I were the commander in chief of the United Fucking States of Goddam America I would burn your W.O.P. house to the ground and then go there in the night and piss in the fucking ashes. Unfortunately, I'm actually NOT the President.

Hey, hey. Remember those drones you used to order around. Well guess who just got a new control stick set up in the Oval. Yup. Your former BFF who you SCREWED with LIES OF FALSENESS AND PERFIDY!

I'd think somebody who used to run the CIA would be more aware of the downsides of SHOOTING YOUR MOUTH OFF out of turn. Maybe you’ll be driving somewhere and suddenly you’ll be all “Oh, no! My brakes are malfunctioning! Oh, dear. My one regret is criticizing my dear friend Barry! Ahhhhh! Why is acid coming out of the vents! Ahh! Ahh!”

I did like the part where you called the President intelligent, though. I give this book one out of five stars. I hated this book and I hate you.