Patriotism, Jeep Sales Skyrocket After Super Bowl Ad

AUBURN HILLS, MI — Jeep sales have soared through the roof after Oprah Winfrey declared victory in Afghanistan during an incredibly popular Super Bowl advertisement aired on Sunday. Tearjerking scenes about missed events, sorrowful loved ones, and people in camouflage uniforms reminded the nation that apparently we're at war somewhere or something.

The message couldn't have been any clearer: Buy a Jeep, and bring the troops home.

Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest women on the planet, made a heartwrenching plea for all Americans to buy a Jeep, and the country responded. Jeep and Chrysler dealerships around the United States reported sales up 300 percent in less than two days. Many locations claimed that the inventory was flying off the lots so fast they were unable to keep up, and had to close early.

Duffel Blog reporters went on location to many of these dealers to see what the average American was thinking about the situation.

Lenny Parker, at the Jeep/Chrysler Emporium in Fresno, CA, was excited about his new purchase of a '12 Wrangler.

"I was just sitting there on Sunday, watching the game with everyone else, when that commercial came on. It was Oprah, talking about all the sacrifices and shit that the military is making for us. I gotta tell you, I was a little choked up. I mean, I've always considered myself a patriot. I even thought about joining the military once after high school, but I've never really known how to show my support," Parker told Duffel Blog. "Thanks to Oprah, the message was perfectly clear: If you want to help the troops, get a Jeep. So here I am."

Other consumers were even more direct. Shannon Jackson, driving away in her recently purchased 2010 Liberty, said, "Oprah said buy a Jeep to bring the troops home, so I bought a Jeep."

Army wife Laura Sterling, buying her '11 Wrangler at Honest Don's Jeep Center in Colorado Springs, CO, was all smiles when interviewed about her new vehicle.

"That commercial just captured my feelings so well. I miss my husband so much. He's on his third deployment to Afghanistan now, and I want nothing more than to bring him home as soon as possible. Besides, it was freakin Oprah! I mean, I had to move some funds around since we've already bought another car, and we have our second baby on the way, but you can't put a price on supporting the troops."

"I really do have the toughest job in the military," she added, after taking a bite of a Cinna-bon.

At press time, Chrysler has announced that they are changing their new slogan to "Love America? Buy a Jeep. Endorsed by Oprah."