Pfc. With Huge Boobs, Three Bronze Stars, Says They’re Real

FORT JACKSON, S.C. — Pfc. Tiffany DeAndress, a dental hygienist with Charlie Med, 303rd Personnel Services Battalion, has an impressive rack, friends say. And her friends also tell Duffel Blog that DeAndress often fields questions about how her rack was built so quickly.

“Sure, I didn’t have these when I enlisted, but yes, they’re real,” said DeAndress.

Inspections are the worst. AR 670-1 allows for nameplates and ribbons to be adjusted to conform to the differences in the soldier’s body, but sometimes they still look unnatural.

“In just about every inspection, I find myself saying, ‘Do they look like they’re sagging, Sgt. Maj? Yes, of course, permission to touch,’” said DeAndress, gesturing just above her top button.

The Bronze Stars get the most attention of the full complement filling out her Class A’s.

Once, after seeing her ribbon rack bumper sticker, a group of angry breakfasting VFW members approached her. With politeness and charm, DeAndress deflected them.

“After I started talking to them, they calmed down right away,” said DeAndress. “I don’t blame them. With all that on my chest, it’s hard to look away.”

Several of her coworkers in Medical have mentioned that she has a lot to carry in uniform, citing the potential for lower back problems.

Despite the disadvantages, DeAndress is proud of her rack.

“Yes, they’re mine. And they’re going to help me get promoted,” said DeAndress.