Platoon really enjoyed three-hour op order, says lieutenant

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii — First Platoon really enjoyed the three-hour-long operations order they received for an upcoming training event, according to their Platoon Commander 2nd Lt. Cody O'Connor.

Although the entire exercise is only expected to last 45 minutes, O'Connor says it is important to pay attention to details and to ensure everyone knows the tertiary challenge and password by heart.

"I could tell that the fellas were pumped to get out and train by the time I got to 'administration and logistics,'" said O'Connor, who ensured the whole platoon showed up two hours early to build a precise 1:1000-scale terrain model of the training area. "I know all these guys take the minutiae of routine garrison life just as seriously as I do."

While some of O'Connor's peers thought his extravagant scheme of maneuver and insistence on briefing with a chewed cigar stub in his mouth fell well outside of the company commander's intent, other members of the platoon said his thoroughness in both the content and delivery of the brief have kept the unit focused on the mission.

"Our old lieutenant would breeze right through 'orientation,' leaving us all baffled, and wanting for more information," said Sgt. Johnny "Bam" Ciskowski, recalling a time when operations orders lasted under 30 minutes and chaos reigned supreme. "Now with Lt. O'Connor, whether we're going to the field for two weeks or picking up trash in the parking lot, we can be confident we'll know the enemy's most probable course of action and the succession of command down to the last man."

At press time, the platoon was eagerly anticipating armory turn-in and the post-exercise hot wash, which were expected to last until midnight on Friday.