Platoon sergeant likes to think himself as abusive father figure

Not all Marines grow up with an abusive father, but one Marine platoon sergeant wants to change that.

Staff Sgt. Frank O'Neil admits that he tears up every time one of his Marines is medically discharged due to injuries stemming from one his his PT sessions.

"You know, a lot of these young kids have never had an abusive father figure in their life," O'Neil says. "It saddens me to think that I'm all that they have."

O'Neil enthusiastically tells the story about once making one of his Marines break down and cry in front of the whole platoon because the inside of his cover was not properly marked.

"This kid thought he was just going to skate though his uniform inspection with his cover marked on the inner-right side," he says, laughing. "When everyone knows your cover should be marked on the inner-left band."

An anonymous source from within the platoon confirmed that O'Neil was abusive but was very confused on why he keeps trying to act like their dad.

"It's a little strange that he seems to enjoy watching us suffer so much but the weirdest part is when he took me aside during a patrol a few weeks ago and told me that one day all of this will be mine," said the source.

He added: "And then there's also the time he took us all out for a game of catch, but just kept trying to peg us with the ball as hard as he could. That was fucked up."

"To be honest, its much more about emotional abuse than it is physical," O'Neil said. "These kids show up fresh out of recruit training thinking that they are shit hot because they're Marines now. That's when you gotta break them down and let them know that they aren't worth the Iraqi camel shit that's still caked onto my boots."

He then continued to tell the story, in graphic detail, of how he once made a corporal lick those same boots for not showing up to formation early enough.

At press time, the second platoon commander was assuring the company commander that he had gotten his black eye from falling down the stairs.