Point/Counterpoint: You’re late for formation! vs. new phone who dis?

The following is a point/counterpoint discussion about timely arrival for formation. The point will be presented by an Army sergeant first class with elevated blood pressure. The counterpoint will be presented by a typical Army private.

Point: You’re late for formation! You better be in the parking lot right now!

Counterpoint: new phone who dis?

Point: Private Guerrera, this is Sergeant First Class Jones. I just called you 10 times and first sergeant is about to murder me because you missed 0300 work call. Where are you?

Counterpoint: Andre is taking a 💩💩 now this is his girlfriend what u need?

Point: YOU HAVE A FEMALE IN THE BARRACKS!?! I’m coming to your room right now.

Counterpoint: Chill we ain’t been to the baracks since las night that party was 🔥 🍻🍻🍻

Point: 1SG is going to jump up his ass with both feet if he’s been drinking underage.

Counterpoint: Andre ain’t drunk i am. mixing weed and beer make him 😷 ok i'm giving him phone now

Point: Give me your exact location right now so I can stop you before your chapter paperwork gets so long I miss Christmas block leave next year because I'm still writing it.

Counterpoint: omw 2 4mation hard 2 text n drive