Point/Counterpoint: I struggle everyday as an amputee vs. My son's Legos will never stop me

The following is a point/counterpoint article written by former Spc. Aaron Johnson, who lost his leg after his Humvee was hit by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan in 2008.

POINT: I lost my left leg 10 years ago. The docs told me I’d still live a normal life.

COUNTERPOINT: He’s only four, but my son can sometimes be a bigger asshole than the Taliban that buried the IEDs that wiped out our convoy.

POINT: I know I should be thankful. I came away from that explosion in better shape than most of my friends.

COUNTERPOINT: I fucking see you, Lego version of Chris-Pratt-from-the-latest-installment-of-Jurassic-World.

POINT: I thank God every day for the loving support of my friends and family. My wife — who saw the best in me despite finding me at my worst — pulled me up and gave me a second chance at life.

COUNTERPOINT: I used to never see these Lego sons-of-bitches. I’d only hear the crunch of titanium-on-plastic after the fact. In all honesty, I felt remorse, but this shit started to get real old real quick.

POINT: Still, I struggle. I drink more than I should. I got blitzed at an Applebee’s yesterday. I only meant to stop by for curbside delivery.

COUNTERPOINT: I’m not going to lie. Now, I’ll go out of my way to step on these fuckers if I see them. Call it poetic justice.

POINT: I slipped in a puddle of piss in the bathroom during happy hour. My leg came off, and my stump landed in a urinal.


POINT: There are still little bits of cake in my stump.


POINT: Urinal cake.

COUNTERPOINT: Everything is awesome!