Point/Counterpoint: Here’s a list of resources for your military family vs don’t have a family, it’s a huge pain in our ass

Seems like a pretty even argument.

By Slab Squatthrust

The following regards the many resources provided to families in the United States Armed Forces. The point is presented by a Department of Defense Work Life spokesperson. The rebuttal is offered by Capt. George Vassalakis, an enlisted detailer and part of Navy Manning Plan (NMP) via MyNavy Assignments (MNA).

POINT: The military is a difficult lifestyle for any family, however, it does come with some outstanding benefits. Some in the form of cash, and some are in the form of discounts. In addition to the extra amount in the paycheck, military service members receive all kinds of benefits like money for housing, subsidized groceries, and healthcare.

COUNTERPOINT: Look, don’t have a family in the military, it’s a huge pain in our ass. From basic deployment to child care, to all the post-divorce shenanigans that come once your spouse realizes this isn’t the life for them, it’s a terrible idea.  

POINT: Your family can easily enroll in DEERS. They get their own ID and have …

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