Prepper: Obama to become Antichrist, enact martial law ‘any day now’

LOONEYVILLE, W.Va. — In the closing days of Barack Obama's presidency, a local prepper and militia commander believes the 44th President will become the Antichrist or at least implement martial law “any day now.”

“He must be planning his endgame at this late stage,” said retired Lance Cpl. James “Colonel” Harris during an interview. “I'm sure it's gonna happen any minute.”

The former Marine Corps Finance Technician and long-time “doomsday prepper” says he and his followers in the Last Stand Militia are “ready to take the fight to the gubmint.”

They plan to take action once Obama “declares himself dictator of America, begins sending civilians to internment camps, and/or comes for everyone’s guns” — among many other possible scenarios.

“Preppers” is a nickname for those who stockpile weapons, ammunition, survival gear, and non-perishable foods in underground bunkers. They preparefor the day when UN or American troops and tanks roll into their backwoods communities.

Over the past five years, Harris and his militia members have been busy doing just that, in addition to their marksmanship training and monthly force-on-force exercises with Airsoft guns. Last Stand Militia members also attend weekly meetings to keep up on the latest signs of the apocalypse.

The militia's intelligence analyst, Hank Mayfield, gave reporters a brief timeline of alarming developments before and during Obama's second term.

“The whole story with the Army SF training Russian soldiers back in 2012 set off some red flags,” explained Mayfield, a short-order cook with no previous military experience, as he clicked through various Internet tabs set to Fox News and Alex Jones.

“The Green Berets are experts in counterinsurgency, so who better to train foreign soldiers to occupy our nation and turn it into a communist police state?”

“Then, that article from the Chicago newspaper came out and exposed Obama's plans to declare war on all God-fearing Americans. The timing was too perfect.”

Mayfield mentioned that things were pretty quiet for a while, until Jade Helm 15, when the militia's alarm bells went off again.

"I was sure that had to be it! Of course Obama would send troops to invade a state that's already part of the US. Surely that would signal his secret police and leftist minions to begin their mass takeover."

The self-taught intelligence analyst sighed as he recounted how, once again, Obama didn't make any moves to become Dictator of America, and hasn't since.

However, Harris and Mayfield expressed optimism at the idea of a potential Trump presidency, stating "at least he'll keep people from the Nation of Islam out of our country."