Princess Cruises offers Navy tips on Coronavirus

SAN DIEGO — A representative of Princess Cruises has met with the U.S. Navy Pacific fleet to share what the cruise ship operator has learned about Coronavirus in the past month.

“The important thing is to get people on ships,” said Pierre Phillipe, Princess Cruises spokesman. “You can figure out the rest underway.”

Princess Cruises, which recently at least two ships quarantined after widespread outbreaks of Coronavirus, was happy to advise the Navy on how to continue operating as if there was no public health threat.

In fact, after an early walk through, Phillipe was impressed how many more people could be placed in even closer contact. He even suggested that a ballroom dance class would really jazz up the engine room.

“What really struck me was how efficiently the Navy berths its sailors. Stacking three men like that? Genius,” said Phillipe. “We learned to think inside the box. Literally.”

“We saw some photos of the tiny portions and weak nutritional content of the food being served to Diamond Princess passengers during the quarantine,” said Capt. Richard Lansing, Skipper of the littoral combat ship USS Coronado, and I said, “My galley could beat that any time.”

Although the engagement was designed to help the Navy respond to coronavirus, by the end, it was a two-way exchange.

“I really respect how Phillipe runs a tight ship, and keeping everyone a little drunk all the time smoothes over a lot of leadership failures. But, we can’t afford to reduce our readiness by permitting alcohol onboard,” said Lansing. “Sick, bedridden sailors can’t fight the ship.”