Quiz: ‘80s metal lyrics or things the lieutenant said at morning PT

Everyone knows that the lieutenant gets really motivated and delirious every time he "leads" morning PT. But can you tell the difference between 1980s heavy metal lyrics and things he's said when the platoon is about to step off on a run? Take the quiz and find out!

1. Courage, men! Courage!

2. Run to the hills, run for your lives.

3. Combat dost taketh a toll on men’s souls.

4. We must hold at all costs. We'll know what we're made of, with courage in our hearts. When our nation needs us, we'll stay the course.

5. Smell the putrid stench of flesh, as it burns you to your death.

6. Killer, intruder, homicidal man. If you see me coming run as fast as you can.

7. The air’s electric, sparkin’ power. Loaded. Loaded.

8. I am the lightning and the storm, all hell broke loose on the night I was born. A child of fire and burning flames. Look to the east and you'll see hence I came.

9. [Indecipherable screams].

10. Death all around me. I’ll fight my way out.

11. War is hell.

12. Cry wolf, baby. Cry tough. Gonna hunt you like an, an, an, an, an, animal. Gonna take your love and run.


1. Things the lieutenant said at morning PT.

2. ‘80s metal lyrics

3. Things the lieutenant said at morning PT.

4. Both.

5. ‘80s metal lyrics.

6. ‘80s metal lyrics.

7. Both.

8. ‘80s metal lyrics.

9. Both.

10. Things the lieutenant said at morning PT.

11. Things the lieutenant said at morning PT.

12. '80s metal lyrics. But the lieutenant did conspicuously play them loud enough for the entire platoon to hear as he pulled up in his Silverado.