Army kicks out racist military working dog

FORT HOOD, Tex. — Military Working Dog N529, also known as “Dubi,” was separated from the Army Tuesday after a General Court Martial found the dog guilty of UCMJ General Article 134.

Dubi, who was assigned to the 89th Military Police Brigade as a patrol dog and reportedly had a reputation for being racist, served years in his unit before any action was taken.

“I remember walking out of the officer’s club after dining in and seeing him go off on the base general,” said Capt. Tom Underwood. “Everyone just sort of looked away in embarrassment. I mean it’s the fucking base general for Christ’s sake.”

Information, Tickets and Travel Director Melvin Rogers, who served as a witness at Dubi’s court martial, described his own run-ins with the dog. “He used to bark and bark at me like I stole something,” said Rogers. “I swear if they'd let him go he would have ripped my head off. I couldn't understand what I had done to piss him off so badly.”

Dubi’s trainer at Lackland Air Base in San Antonio, the base where all working dogs are initially trained, refused to comment for this story. However, records revealed Dubi was purchased by the military in Germany in 2008, a fact Army prosecutors used against Dubi at trial.

According to court transcripts, Army prosecutors claimed that “Dubi’s deep seeded hatred for non-white humans is a genetic defect that originates in Nazi Germany and makes its way to the very bloodlines the military purchases from today.”

Still, many dog handlers are concerned about the implication.

“Jesus, every dog in here barks at black people,” said Cpl. Randall Jenkins. “What the hell we going to do, fire em’ all?”

“I mean yeah, it's embarrassing sometimes," he said. "But it’s not like we're walking them around with hoods on their heads.”