Manning, Hasan, Sinclair And Bales To Star In 'Real World: Leavenworth'

FORT LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS — MTV has announced that its latest season of its venerable "Real World" reality television series will be filmed within the halls of the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Now in its 87th season, the show will follow the antics of four inmates incarcerated at Fort Leavenworth: convicted Wiki-leaker Bradley "Chelsea" Manning, Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan, Robert Bales, who killed 16 Afghan civilians in a drunken shooting spree; and Jeffery Sinclair, a U.S. Army general on trial for sexual assault charges who the producers expect to be there very soon.

Overlooking the mighty Missouri River, Fort Leavenworth follows in the footsteps of many scenic locales such as Sydney, Australia, Las Vegas, Nev., and St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.

"This is the story of four strangers, picked to live in a cell, work together, and have their lives taped. This is what happens when people stop being soldiers and start being real convicted felons," said show's creator Jonathan Murray.

"We've picked some nutty casts before, but I think this crew might be even crazier than our Las Vegas season," said Murray, referring to the show's 2002 incarnation.

A pilot episode features Sinclair, a man with a known weakness for women, making advances on Manning, currently undergoing a sex change operation to become "Chelsea."

Hasan speaks into the camera begrudgingly about his roommate, Robert Bales, whom he accused of "cock blocking" Sinclair's advances towards Manning.

"Oh, Rob, he can be kind of a dick when he's drunk," mused Hasan, who later in the episode fashions a prison shank that he swears to his roommates is just for the purpose of shaving his beard.

Murray was tight-lipped to avoid spoilers, but hinted at upcoming tension among all the show's participants.

"They'll have to work together to accomplish a whole lot of tasks: doing the laundry, making license plates, and breaking rocks in the courtyard."

When queried about the personality dynamics, Murray conceded there would be a lot of tension between Sinclair and Manning.

"Beneath their sexual tension is the fact that Sinclair likes to be in charge. But Manning has the edge, in that he's sort of the 'queen bee' at Leavenworth. So that's going to be pretty exciting."

"Add in the fact that Hasan kind of scoffs at Bales' drinking, and you have a recipe for great reality TV."

Although The Real World: Leavenworth is set to air this fall on MTV, Wikileaks has already released every episode and transcript of each show on its website.