National Guardsmen report 'emotional scars' after deployment to air-conditioned tent on US-Mexico border

ABILENE, Texas — A Texas National Guardsman says he is suffering from "emotional scars" after returning from a deployment to the U.S.-Mexico border, sources confirmed today.

Spc. Anthony Romo, who deployed for a two week rotation to guard his home state's border from illegal immigrants by watching movies in an air-conditioned tent, told reporters that he "really saw some sh-- down there."

“They were ghosts, I tell you. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same, after deployment,” he told reporters. “I just can’t, people just... stand there... for a living.”

The soldier is not alone. Nearly every member of the battalion reported some form of trauma, according to officials.

“We all saw some shit,” said Chief Warrant Officer Jacob Brink, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, who claimed conditions were some of the worst he had seen after 197 years in the Guard. “Have you ever been to El Paso? I mean cartel violence I can handle, but they didn’t even have corn tortillas at my hotel by the airport. All the talk in the world of everything migrating up from Central America and not a single corn tortilla made it north of the border! What are we even fighting for?"

Romo’s virtual non-role, like so many of the National Guard’s prior border deployments, has been controversial. President Donald Trump's order sending guardsmen in the thick of it with no likely contact with illegal immigrants whatsoever has put them in serious danger of boredom and blindness due to excessive masturbation, officials said.