'Right to try' bill to allow dying veterans to see a physician

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump has signed a bill allowing veterans with a terminal diagnoses to receive the most basic care from a physician, sources confirmed today.

Veterans with deadly diseases and other ailments were previously restricted to treatment options approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs, which only included high doses of Motrin, frequent sock changes, and being ignored until death.

The bill, now signed into law, had been nicknamed the 'Right to try' bill, since veterans would have the right to "try" and get an appointment with a doctor. It had been a high priority for Trump and congressional Republicans, both of whom praised supporters of the legislation during a signing ceremony.

"Thousands of dying veterans will now be able to try to access routine exams and maybe a surgery or two," Trump said. "And I think they'll see that if they just tried as hard as me, they'd be in as good as shape as me. Just ask my doctor!"

Still, critics voiced concerns that the bill could raise many veterans' expectations of health care and raise the cost of their care. VA officials, however, told reporters both possibilities were "highly unlikely."