DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Salon.com gives your weekend safety brief

This is for you, the Marine, soldier, sailor, airman, or whatever other title we give to the living tools of imperialist aggression. Look on these words and the unbearable whiteness of the page behind them and become woke to the dangers of the weekend.

First, check your liberty privilege. Many of your fellow service members are working this weekend, have duty, or are standing watch. Your time off is paid for by their blood, their sweat, and their tears, much like how the industrial might of America was built on the backs of slaves.

Second, be sure not to drink and drive.

If you are arrested in a military town, the police won't respect whatever privileges you possess, be they white, male, or able-bodied. You will be treated the way the police treat young black males, and inmates will show you how it feels to be a person of color in White America every day.

That is not to say homosexuality is wrong, or to promote the rape culture that is epidemic in Trump's America.

It is a proven fact that military service makes you a racist, and the so called Commander-in-Chief's words have emboldened the Nazis who operate our military-industrial complex to “protect” us. There are many things you should refrain from doing to prevent the spread of alt-right hate in our military culture.

We don't want you drinking to excess because that supports white supremacy. Also when you get your haircuts, don't comb them over to the side, because that supports white supremacy. Also don't go on the Facebook page Untied Status Marin Crops, because it is an insult to those who were never fortunate enough to learn how to read, and memes support white supremacy.

It's important to avoid all social media pages, especially if you are angry.

You should wear a condom if you engage in sexual intercourse, but if you do so, make sure you obtain consent. However, any woman in this society of toxic masculinity cannot and should not consent to the animals who wear our country's uniform. Much like how the military occupies peaceful nations, you service members attempt to occupy women's bodies.

If you do attempt to do so, admit real bodies have curves.

Finally, you should not talk any more about war and killing ISIS. For once, when discussing the Islamic State, use it as an opportunity to reflect on your own privilege.